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The Good Person Test

Are You a Good Person... Good ENOUGH For Heaven?


Lets go back to court for a moment. Let's say you were caught driving dangerously while doing 20km over the speed limit. In a moment of stupidity your impatience lead you to overtake another vehicle at a bad time and you lost control of your vehicle. As you did, you endangered oncoming traffic. There's no point arguing about it because the police have documented evidence. You're on your way to court hoping to get off with a light fine since this is your first offense. Before going to court, you learn that the judge is a good judge so this gives you hope, and.... he's also your father. But your hope doesn't last long as you remember that because he's a good judge, he's also just judge and if you do the crime, then you do the time. So you're standing before the judge and he pronounces the sentence. Pay $15,000 now or spend 6 months in prison. You don't have the money and the weight of prison sentence is quickly weighing on you. Then something weird happens. At that moment, the judge steps down from his place of authority and offers to pay the price for you. You break down in tears collapsing on the floor in utter relief. Then pick yourself up and embrace your father as in humility and gratitude you accept his payment of your fine so that you may go free. In a similar way, though on an incomprehensibly larger way, Jesus did this for us. He was a substitutionary sacrifice for our sin.



Because Jesus died for sinners, does not mean you are automatically saved. Reading this page alone does not put you right with God. Hearing the GOOD NEWS does not put you right with God. Acting on it does. The Bible is very clear on what you must do to be saved. Click the link above to find out what this is.